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What is this website all about?

Every year, countless people dive into entrepreneurship, with many turning to SEO as a golden ticket. However, most find themselves generating meaningless traffic instead of real revenue. Why does this happen?

With 10+ years in the trenches of SEO and entrepreneurship, I’ve encountered this scenario repeatedly. I’ve engaged with 1,000+ entrepreneurs, worked on 300+ projects, and most importantly, distinguished effective strategies from flashy but futile ones through my own trials.

This site is for SEOs, marketers, and entrepreneurs that want to develop the mindset needed to start, build, and lead 6, 7, and 8 figure companies. It’s a place where the tough questions are answered and practical marketing advice is offered.

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SEO is often described as a set of complicated techniques only experts can master to scale a business to multiple figures. It actually is not.

On this website, you’ll get basic tips and advanced techniques on how to drive more organic traffic to your website using SEO and digital marketing.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to start, grow and scale your online business with SEO and digital marketing and meet the revenue objectives you’ve defined for your company.

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Join 2,000+ SEO pros, marketers, & entrepreneurs already receiving my weekly SEO tips & strategies.

About Samy Thuillier

portrait samy thuillier was founded in 2018 by Samy Thuillier, a seasoned digital entrepreneur, SEO, and marketer.

After boosting his clients’ revenue by up to €5 million as a VP of Marketing in agencies and international companies, he now aims to simplify SEO for entrepreneurs, sharing the insights and strategies that led to his success.

Samy is constantly on a mission to solve real problems in large industries through tailor-made services.

He’s pioneered innovative SEO techniques, earning him the Best Digital Strategy accolade and a spot as a workshop leader at the International Business and Marketing Conference.